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We pay you for your time and services in BUSD/USDT. Are you a content creator, marketer, business owner?

Vid Crypto welcome and appreciate everyone.

Ready to watch,enjoy and earn?

VidCrypto Pay You For Your Time.

Watch, create, advertise, sell, buy, enjoy and earn on VidCrypto.

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Monetize Your Activities


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More Than 100+ Activities To Reward You For Your Time And Trust.

We are glad to let you know that your time and creativity will be appreciated on VidCrypto. We entertain you and pay you for watching, you create content and we buy it from you, we advertise some product, we share the revenue with you, we build you earn, you stake you earn. More and more activities in the future.

Pre-sale is live

Pre-sale Address


Pre-sale Tokens: 5,000,000 $VCT
Pre-sale Price: 0.00025 BNB/$VCT
Minimum Purchase : 0.05 BNB =200 VCT
Maximum Purchase : 10 BNB =40,000 VCT

Pre-sale Participant Reward:
5% of your purchase in $VCT

Our System will send VCT to your wallet immediately after receiving your order.


Airdrop are automatically sent to your wallet within 24 - 72 hours after all your tasks have been verified by our team.

Complete the bot task and get your airdrop.
Bot Link:

Value 2,500,000 $VCT ($500,000)

VidCrypto Token Community

We treat our community members as our partners. That helps us a lot, we let our community members explain their ideas fluently to help VidCrypto grow to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Question

Let us cut the long story short. It's a vidcryptoverse platform where you get paid for your time of watching video contents and services of video content creation as a viewer and creator respectively by holding (staking) the platform token "VidCrypto Token" (VCT). You might be wondering how is that possible, well don't forget we are in the Web3 trend. where blockchain makes things easier and faster. We want to build the biggest community in the cryptoverse. While building our own video platforms where there will be no barrier to entry or unreachable target before you get paid, We will be using the popular video platforms in the world (YouTube, Netflix, and others) in our first phase of the project.

Yes, there is. But not something hard to understand or undergo. Here VCT will be your prove of membership, isn't that amazing? Yes, we know it's. VCT will grant you access to get paid for your time. Here we are not talking about you sending VCT or paying to be a member,  by just holding it in your wallet, you are automatically a member of  VidCrypto community, and you will have access to all the monetization programs we have built and to be built in the next phases of the project.

This is the amazing and easiest part of the project that will blow your mind. Now let me ask you this, do you get paid by watching Videos on YouTube, Netflix, Tiktok and other video platform? The answer is  capital NO! This is where VidCrypto will now fill the gap, you are now going to be paid for watching your favorite channels or content on the mentioned platforms. Well, for the content creators, no more unreachable target to discourage you from doing what you love to get paid. VidCrypto will present your creativity to the world, and pay you for your talent.

Yes! We can. This is one of the important part of having a large community, with our community and our strategies on plan your services can be promoted to our community. Here not only the service or product owner benefit from the community, the community will also benefit from the services owners in one way or the other. You present your services to the community to sell the community buy if interested and if not interested to buy, we pay the community for only viewing.  Having the believe that you already have audience to your products and services.

The simple answer is: 

  1. Register
  2. Purchase VCT
  3. Be on our social handles to see how we promote your products and services
  4. In the users profile click on promote my P&S
  5. Follow the instructions on the form that will appear.

  1. Purchase VCT that's your prove of membership
  2. Options will appear on every users dashboard to choose your role in the VidCryptoverse. You will have the option to be an ordinary content viewer to get paid or a content creator to get paid for your content.

  1. You will be paid in USDT/BUSD
  2. Other payments methods will be available as well, since we want to be everywhere in the world.

NO! VidCrypto welcome everyone and treat all community members equal. VidCrypto love you all.

VidCrypto allows holders to sell overtime without causing a massive dump in price. VidCrypto token $VCT has been designed with brand new concept on the blockchain using functions to limit the sell power that fix the phenomena of presaler and the common pump and dumps that we see on 99.99% of cryptocurrency projects due to excessive overselling from greedy investors and/or the dumping of team tokens by developers. Through the use of the special mechanisms on the smart contract we are able to limit the selling power of all investors using a function that allow investors to sell up-to a maximum of 20% of their holdings every 24 hours. Using this strategy every type of investor (both small and whales) will be safe from being dumped on at all times. The beauty of the vidcrypto mechanism is that both small and whale investors are protected. The 20% daily sell limit coupled with the 8% auto buybacks to increase the liquidity pool and assist price stability.. VidCrypto contract has the anti-snipe feature which protects against sniper bots with its feature that has been integrated into the contract base. And more all to protect every investor and the project entirely.

  1. VCT will be the membership ID of all our content creators and content viewers that want to get paid from VidCrypto platforms
  2. Business owners that want to promote their businesses will have to pay with VCT for as long as they want their businesses to be promoted on VidCrypto platforms
  3. VidCrypto will never accept any other coin or token in the future for our product and services other than VCT
  4. Other plans are confidential, we will keep that to our awesome holders in the special room, where we discuss our main plans on taking VCT to the highest rank. The team vision and mission is to always be the first and the best. 

Staking your VCT tokens means that you place them in a smart contract that in turn generates $VCT for you. and it serves as prove of membership in vidcrypto watch which will grant access to get paid for watching time and content performance to both viewers and content creators respectively. These $VCT can then be used to mint VidCrypto NFTs.

VidCrypto NFT will be characters needed to park in our visual stores and play to earn games within the VidCryptoVerse.
How many NFTs do I need to participate in VidCryptoVerse? 
You only need one NFT to participate in buying and selling in our visual stores, and playing your favorite games to earn reward.
Can I buy an NFT? 
Yes. Members decide this. They will be buyable in our NFT marketplace from members that auction them.

VidCryptoVerse is a metaverse platform, where VidCrypto members will be able to improve their Guild and the economy by letting them advertise their products and services, and trade (buy and sell), sell or acquire VidCrypto NFTs, and many more activities.
These transactions will have a 5% tax cost for using the visual marketplace in any of their forms and will be returned to the Rewards Pool.

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